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The best lawn care companies in Tampa offer a variety of services, widespread availability, and decades of experience. TruGreen, Weed Man, and Lawn Doctor are the best in the business in Tampa.

Homeowners in Tampa, Florida have sunny weather all year-round. It makes the city the great place to spend time outdoors enjoying your lawn. However, the summers get very hot, which can harm even the hardiest warm weather grasses. For the healthiest Tampa lawn possible, Floridians should consider hiring a professional lawn care company.

This Old House Reviews Team believes TruGreen is the best option for lawn care in Tampa, with multiple comprehensive plans, a variety of a la carte services, and decades of experience and expertise. Weed Man and Lawn Doctor are two other alternatives in the area.

Why You Should Hire Professional Lawn Care in Tampa

Like all regions, Florida has unique concerns when it comes to lawn care. In Tampa, sandy soil is common, which makes growing grass more difficult. Add humidity to that equation, and lawn care takes a lot of work.

Taking care of a Tampa lawn means knowing when and how often to fertilize, how to fight weeds, and how to prevent pests like chinch bugs and mosquitoes, which are a big problem with Florida humidity. Professional lawn care companies have the equipment and products to keep your lawn lush and healthy.

The Most Common Grasses in Tampa

Warm season grasses thrive in Tampa. Here are the four of the most common types you’ll find in the city, and some of their key characteristics.

St. Augustine: This popular, dark green grass has thick blades and a coarse texture. It has high shade and salt tolerance and thrives in areas with good drainage. On the negative side, it is vulnerable to diseases and pests and requires more moisture than some warm season alternatives. Bermuda: This hardy, light-to-dark-green grass is drought tolerant and can withstand heavy foot traffic and grow well in sandy soil. However, it is shade intolerant, and because it grows so quickly, it is more high maintenance than some alternatives. Zoysia: This vibrant green grass is resistant to weeds and drought and grows a nice, dense turf. It tends to grow slowly. Centipede: This yellow-green grass is relatively low maintenance and holds up against pests. But it does not handle foot traffic or drought conditions well.

Top Recommended Lawn Care Provider: TruGreen

TruGreen is one of the most popular names in lawn care. The lawn care company services 2.3 residential and commercial customers across the country, in all states except for Alaska. Unlike its top competitors, TruGreen offers five different annual plans in addition to its a la carte services, including pest control. Homeowners can choose between more standard services and comprehensive plans, depending on the extent of their needs.

All of TruGreen’s services are performed by TruExpert℠ Certified Specialists. Every specialist must pass the TruExpert Lawn Certification Program, an intensive 10-day course that covers topics like horticulture, agronomics, and safety. Every service is backed by TruGreen’s Healthy Lawn Guarantee®—a TruGreen lawn care specialist will return to your lawn as many times as needed between treatments to make sure treatments are effective, at no extra cost. TruGreen also offers a mobile app and an online chat function. We give TruGreen a 97 out of 100.

If you’d like to get a free quote from TruGreen, call 877-441-3919, or fill out this form. You can reach Weed Man at 888-321-9333 for a quote, and you can contact Lawn Doctor at 844-238-4612. We always recommend getting multiple quotes before making your final decision.

How to Choose Lawn Care in Tampa

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a lawn care provider in Tampa, from cost to reputation.


Finding a lawn care provider that works within your budget is crucial. You can submit your name, address, and contact information online to receive free, customized quotes from the top lawn care providers. Many use an online tool that allows the specialist to map out the exact dimensions of your yard so that they can give you a precise, tailored quote.

Plans and services offered

Different lawn care companies offer different core plans and a la carte services. For convenience sake, it’s advisable to work with one company for multiple treatments rather than hiring, keeping track of, and paying several different companies for your lawn care. Some companies may offer broader services, while others may specialize and target specific lawn issues.


A lawn care company’s reputation can tell you how competent, trustworthy, and reliable they are. Companies with decades of experience will have a longer track record than those that have only been in business for a short while.


One of the benefits of choosing a top lawn care provider is that they are more likely to offer satisfaction guarantees. TruGreen promises a specialist will return as needed between scheduled lawn visits to re-treat at no extra charge. That way, you can be sure the service is worth your while.

Organic options

If you’re interested in environmentally friendly lawn care solutions, you should pursue a company that offers natural fertilizer, like TruGreen, Weed Man, and Lawn Doctor.

Tampa Lawn Care Tips

Test and amend your soil

All types of soils have unique pros and cons. Sandy soil is light and gritty, with large particles that dry out quickly. Unfortunately, this means that it’s often poor in nutrients, and water and fertilizer tend to leach out. Soil amendments can help with this—try integrating compost and other organic matter that is rich in soil microbes.

Be mindful of water restrictions

Tampa has strict watering restrictions that homeowners must adhere to. The precise days you can water will depend on your address. These rules apply to all water sources except for reclaimed water. Homeowners in all addresses can only water between midnight and 8 a.m. or between 6 p.m. and midnight on the specific days. They cannot water twice in one day/

Tampa Lawn Care FAQs

How high should I mow my grass?

The best height for your grass will depend on your specific type of grass. Different grasses, even among the warm season variety, thrive at different heights. It is always advised to mow high in the summer—setting your mower to the highest or second-highest setting—to reduce stress on your grass.

Is lawn fertilization worth it?

Fertilization can help your grass grow lush, green, and healthy—if you apply the right type, at the right time, and the right frequency. Fertilization can give your lawn the key nutrients it needs to thrive. To take any guesswork out fertilization, consider hiring a professional lawn care company.

When should I water my lawn?

The best time to water your lawn is before sunrise, preferably between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. Watering at this time will prevent the moisture from evaporating before your lawn’s grassroots can soak it up. If you’re unable to water in the morning, the next best time is between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Late at night may be cooler, but if the water sits on the lawn overnight, it will make it more susceptible to disease.

What does dethatching mean?

Dethatching is the process of removing excess thatch build up from your lawn. Thatch is the layer of living and decomposing organic matter that collects between the soil and your grass blades. A thin layer can be beneficial, insulating the grassroots from extreme fluctuations in temperature. But if the layer gets to be over ½ an inch, you’ll need to break it up and lift it off with a dethatching rake. If you don’t, your grassroots will suffer, unable to access the water, air, and nutrients they need.

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