Organized Kaos, Simply Concurred.

Here is what makes us different.

We do real plans and designs. A rough estimate is no way to kick off your project. These kinds of bids/estimates are common, but they introduce too many opportunities for oversights, overages, and low-balling, and we think we owe you more than that.

That’s why we put real research, design, and budgeting work into our estimates. And to make sure we dedicate the time and expertise needed to get it right, we charge for a small portion of the time we put into preparing bids for you.

That way, you can be confident that you’ll have more than an unreliable budget number. Instead, you’ll be equipped with a holistic view of the project. With design inspiration, solid numbers, and digital concepts, your project moves forward whether you choose to work with us or not.

Thorough project planning upfront eliminates surprises and hiccups.

Because you don’t want surprises when it comes to schedules and costs, we leave no stone unturned. Our estimates are painstakingly thorough. We don’t speak for our crew or subcontractors. Their feedback is part of the design process. This way, we have expert visibility to the entire scope of work and know our changes happen in the planning phase, not when your house is under construction.

​In fact, we’re proud to say that they usually start with a higher cost estimate, because it considers every possibility. Then we work with you to find efficiencies. And because our bids are real design documents, we inspect and measure everything ahead of time.

You’re constantly connected to every part of your project

There can be so many moving pieces to a construction process. When we’re working in your home and on your budget, you should have visibility to all of them.

A team worthy of your project

We take the responsibility of transforming your residential or commercial space very seriously. The most impactful compliment you can give us would be regarding our crew since we stress trust and communication at every level.

We’re proud of our team, who you’ll get to know during the construction process. Artisans and appreciators of great homes, our crews, and carefully-selected subcontractors won’t just be working on your home. They’ll be sharing your vision.

For us, communication is key. And that’s why we manage every moving piece of your project — every crew member, subcontractor or supplier — in an online platform where you have full visibility. Project status, schedule, change orders, notes, and budget numbers are all available in real-time, anytime.

If we’re a good fit, we’ll dig into our proven process to make your project a reality.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Initial consultation. We come to your home and talk about what you’re hoping to achieve. Do you have a solid budget or are you looking for guidance? How long do you plan to stay in your home? How could we phase the project to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency?

  2. Design bid/estimate agreement. Already have your plans and design?
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  3. Measurements and inspiration. We get to know your home on paper by doing detailed measurements and schematics. At the same time, you explore design ideas that will inspire the project.

  4. Design review. It’s time for us to narrow in on our approach. We emerge with a budget and project scope that we’re all ready to rock n roll with.

  5. Final pricing review. We provide our final pricing based on the design. We’ll point out any areas where price could still be impacted. And if you have budget concerns, we’ll explore ways to modify the scope.

  6. Finalize design and selections and execute the contract. Final scope changes are locked in. Materials and finishes are selected. We’re ready to roll and we sign on the dotted line.

    Note: Need Financing? We can discuss this too!

  7. The schedule is created and the project is underway.